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Ritual of Love "SWEET Attraction"

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The ritual "Sweet attraction" will help you to attract your loved one to your life.
If you want to attract someone you already know, make sure that he is not currently in a happy relationship. It's best to not think about anybody concrete when performing a ritual - agree to let the Universe drive it as well as possible for you and your future second half.
Sometimes we do not even realize how great happiness awaits us!

To perform the ritual you need:

  • one candle in red (or universal - white, however, then tie a candlestick with a red ribbon or a red string);
  • a candle holder or a small plate to protect the heater;
  • lighters;
  • teaspoons of honey;
  • a small sheet of paper;
  • pen or pencils with a red refill.

1. Set the candle in the center of your altar or table on which you will perform the ritual. Light a candle, close your eyes, take a deep breath and straighten up - you're an attractive, confident person, you feel good in your company, and now you want your right partner to appear in your life.

2. In short words, write on the red card with the color, what is the purpose of your spell, for example "I attract an ideal partner to my life", or use the symbols: connected symbols Sun and Moon, or Mars and Venus. Put a piece of paper in front of the burning candle.

3. Then, brush your mouth with honey with your fingers. Feel like honey sticks to your fingers and mouth and taste its sweetness. Then touch the candle and leave the excess honey on your fingers.

3. Now say three words of power three times:

"There is only one Force that is perfect Love,
and I (here, tell your name) I am its manifestation here on Earth.
Now I attract a man / woman to her / his love and devotion.
Let him draw to me, the sweetness of honey on my lips,
Let him desire my kisses, caresses and love.
Let him find me, that we may be together,
and our relationship is filled with mutual desire and love,
understanding and happiness.
According to the free will of all - Let it happen. "

4. Touch your lips with your fingers and transfer some of the honey to a sheet of your affirmation - you can simply make a sweet kiss on it! Leave a card on the altar in front of the lit candle.

5. Let the candle burn to the end. When this happens, put a piece of paper in four parts and store it in a safe place where you keep your personal treasures and souvenirs so that you can get it out of your memory. The ritual was made.

6. When during the cleanup you find an accidentally folded piece of paper among your belongings, and your partner will be with you, light a candle, thank for fulfilling your request and for the presence of your partner and burn a piece of paper in the flame. By the way, tell your beloved person that you love him/her - and if you want, seal it with a sweet kiss, which this time you will put on a lovely lips.

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