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The ALTAR of Thanksgiving on the Sabbath - LAMMAS

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Lammas holyday, which we celebrate at the beginning of August, is traditionally a time of thanksgiving for our blessings and for expressing gratitude to people and for the forces that help us on our way. An excellent place for this may be the thanksgiving altar, which will additionally create a beautiful, festive decoration of your home.

How to prepare a thanksgiving altar?

Choose a small table that will serve you for it. It can be just a set from a computer table, but you may as well use a part of a window sill, or a shelf hung on your wall. Cover the place you chose for the altar with tablecloth.
Choose a golden one if it is to represent success and gratitude, red if it is to be a symbol of energy and sacrifice. It may be a tablecloth in a universal white color or in any other you think would fit.

Stand in front of the empty altar and think about the effort and energy spent throughout the summer. Think about what you have gained thanks to it.
You will surely find even small successes for which you can be grateful!

Make a list of your blessings in your mind. Also, do not skip people and the power that helped you get them and save them.

Then look for items at home that could represent individual elements from your gratitude list. These can be photos of those people who are special to you. If you got a job or a raise, put a coin or banknote on the altar and a business card or a symbol of your work place next to it.

Collect as many things as you want and place them on the altar. The most important thing is that you decorate the altar with things that are close to your heart.

You also need something that will be a symbol of your gratitude towards people and forces that have helped you achieve success. An excellent choice will be fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Hold your gifts for a moment in your hands, send them the energy of Your most sincere feelings of gratitude and blessing, and place them as a sacrifice on the altar. Your altar is ready.

Every now and then, for example once a week, until the end of August, perform a simple ritual on it. For example: light a candle and meditate for a moment in front of the altar, or just stick to it from time to time and give short thanks. Keep your altar clean, wipe away dust from it, and do not mess on it. Remove food that is already losing freshness from the gifts.

If you want something more complex, use the prayers and invocations prepared especially for the Sabbath - LAMMAS or arrange a longer, own text.
Prayer and thanksgiving expressed in your own words will be the sincerest and truest ritual.

Remember that gratitude has enormous power!
Showing gratitude for all the good that comes to us in life makes us attract even more to ourselves.

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