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Have you ever wondered if the mind is always doing a fox favor for us stealing the present moment and with it happiness? It keeps wandering somewhere between the past and the future - 99.9% of the so-called thought processes, circling somewhere "there." And THERE is nothing real, only memories and presumptions.

In fact, the only thing we have is the moment that is just going on. Only our HERE and NOW is true. An example that helps to understand this principle are emotions. They can not be felt differently than NOW. When we think about past events, all feelings that arise (good or not), we will feel NOW. NOW the body will react to it, even straining muscles or producing hormones associated with this emotional state. When we think about the future, we also feel it NOW. Even when thinking about something that has never happened, the effects will feel and experience, NOW.

Life, with all its manifestations, always exists here and nowhere else. There is only this unique moment that you experience when reading these words. Is it possible to call your past real? Actually ... no. It's already gone and it's nowhere outside of your head. Is it real tomorrow? Also no - the future with its potential events is always just a product of the mind.

The mind, through its running back and forth - from the past to the future - causes most of us to live unconsciously. After all, consciousness can not be called someone whose life passes far away from the real here and now ... When the mind is absorbed in the past or the future, we fly through existence on some strange autopilot. We go through the present moment like in a dream, even the majority of activities are done automatically and unconsciously.

It is worth to practice life in the present. Just ... wake up, if only because is no worry, absolutely no worry exists HERE AND NOW. At the moment that lasts is no worries! Here and now is absolutely free of all ills, worries, problems.

Something that we feel as a worry, will appear only when the mind runs into a fictitious creation called the future, or it goes to a nonexistent past.
"Hmmm ... - we say - It is not as I want to".
Only that "as if I wanted" what is it, not a projection of the mind? The mind literally imagined some "how I would like it" and stick to this version directly causing discomfort, stress and uncertainty. If we focus on our here and now, the evil spell breaks.

When we get any worries, it's enough to wake up from trips into the past or future, and ask yourself a simple question:
- What's really HERE and NOW, I have a problem?
It will always turn out that none. The problem either has already happened and is technically a thing of the past, or we have run into the future and imagine "how will it be if ...".
Being aware of HERE AND NOW gives you incredible freedom and strength. Literally, it "dissolves" all worries, makes us regain emotional balance and we start to live really.

If you want to learn more about what the present offers you and what it actually is, I strongly encourage you to read the phenomenal book by Eckhart Tolle "The Power of the Present."

If you want to learn more about what the present offers and what it actually is, I strongly encourage to read the phenomenal book by Eckhart Tolle "Power of now".

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