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The winter solstice is an ancient holiday of the new, sunny year. It was believed that night was the time of the reign of evil forces, so people happily celebrated the arrival of time in which the sun begins to regain its power and win the darkness. The longest night of the year is also the time of the rebirth of the Sun and the hope that returns with it. In ancient Rome Saturnalia was celebrated, in Persia - the birth of Mithra (the deity of the Sun), and in the Slavs the Mating Festiva l- Generous mating, or the Winter Feast of the Sun. The church decided not to fight this feast, but to "baptize" it and the birth of the new Sun make Christ's birth.

The winter solstice and the beginning of astrological winter, we celebrate December 21.

Winter solstice ritual

This is a ritual that is a symbolic greeting of light. Perform it in the evening
of December 21.

1. Decorate your altar with green branches and lots of candles. Choose white candles and colors assigned to Yule: red, gold and green.

2. Also prepare incense: myrrh, cinnamon or olibanum.

3. Sit on the floor next to your altar, light candles and say:

Today is the solstice night, the longest night of the year.
Today I celebrate the eternal cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.
The rebirth and return of the sun is a blessing for the Earth and its children.
It's the beginning of a new life.

4. Then light the incense and watch the smoke rising from it for a moment to sink into meditation. Focus on the rebirth of the sun and on everything that is new in your life. For old habits, unpleasantness and everything that does not serve you, give a free way to let them go.

5. When you finish meditation, do not turn off the candle - let them burn all evening long.

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