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The task of ritual bathing is not to wash the body of physical dirt, but to purify the energy and get rid of the heartache of everyday life. Thus, before the ritual bath, the body should be washed with the usual shower. Then prepare a warm bath with the addition of rock salt or Epsom salt, you can add your favorite essential oils to the water. Immerse yourself in water for a few minutes. Feel how your worries and negative emotions penetrate into the water.Then pull the cork out of the bathtub and let the water flow out while you are still in the bathtub. During the outflow of water, feel the negative energies that the water took with it. When the bathtub is empty, wipe the body with a clean towel. You are ready to carry out spiritual works and magical activities.

Below you will find a way to prepare a ritual bath with the addition of herbs as a form of preparation for the specific ritual you want to perform.

Ritual bath with the herbs

To perform a ritual bath you need:
3 x spoons of a devil's rib;
1 x spoon of dried chamomile (or dried lavender);
1 x lavender oil;
1 x small candle type heater with beeswax.

Additionally, you need: a pot and a sieve with dense mesh.

1. Boil about 1 liter of water. Add a devil's rib and chamomile to it. Cook the herbs on low heat for several minutes. In the meantime, take a shower.

2. Pour hot water into the bath tub and pour out a decoction of herbs into it. Give about 10 drops of lavender oil to the water.

3. Light the candle. The flame will accompany you while bathing to cleanse and protect your space.

4. Mix the water in the bathtub and immerse in it. Imagine that all unfavorable energies leave your aura and dissolve in water. Stay in the bath for several minutes.

5. When you feel that the bath is finished, get up and let the water out of the bathtub. When observing the flowing water, imagine that the negative energies that have been collected from you flow away with it.

When the water runs completely, rinse the body with lukewarm water. The cleansing bath is already finished. Leave the candle to burn out completely.

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