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AMULET or TALISMAN - What's the difference?

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Generally speaking, the amulet is passive and the talisman is active.
Amulets have been worn for protection for thousands of years. The first people lived in a world where strange and frightening things took a place not giving them explanation in a logical way.Therefore, amulets were used to protect homes, families and farm animals.

Amulets were also used to protect people from the "evil eye". The conviction that a person or animal may harm another person with gaze has reached at least five thousand years. On ancient clay tablets, the damage caused by the evil eye was described. The Sumerian god Ea spent most of his time fighting the evil eye. Even today, in many parts of the world, the evil eye is considered a serious threat and various types of amulets are used to avoid it.

The first amulets were made of completely natural raw materials, ie animal tooth, feather, precious stone. Later, medallions, bells, keys and photographs were used. Many policemen in the early twentieth century in New York wore the image of St. Judy as the patron of the policemen.

Nodes have been an important motif because it is considered that they imprison bad demons. Our grandmothers often tied knots on their kitchen aprons to protect her and the dishes she prepares, and therefore the whole family from charm.

Do not rush when choosing the amulet. Think about your goal and choose the one you need most. We often feel that this amulet finds us when we are in need - often we do not realize how much. For example, Once, an elderly gentleman, gave my friend a nice piece of hematite for a pleasant conversation. She was going to an important meeting, which later turned out to be great and in her favor. It looks that it was a gift from a stranger who helped her out of a difficult situation.

Talismans are to provide power, energy and concrete benefits. They are often performed in a time that is considered spiritually or astrologically significant. They are made of stone, metal or paper, because the expectations that we bind with the talisman can be easily written on them using words or pictures. Talismans from predatory animals such as: leopard claw, shark's tooth, eagle's feather, are designed to give the user some of the features of the animal it comes from. People who deal with areas of life in which competition and victory are important, i.e. sport, often wear talismans to help them achieve victory. Vida Blue - a famous baseball player in the 1970s and 1980s - still used the same hat for matches, which he treated as a talisman. In the end it became so old and faded that the league officials threatened him with suspension. The athlete made a new one and burned the old one ceremoniously before the match.

If you wear a talisman for success, the subconscious will work in this direction, carrying with it the possibility of fulfillment, your mindfulness in this direction is important. You can say that faith in the talisman provides the necessary strength to make it work. Of course, it makes no sense to wear a talisman without faith in its operation. This is because skepticism invalidates its programming.There have been cases where magical items were programmed negatively, i.e. they brought misfortune to their owner. We are talking about a famous diamond that brings misery and harm to all who came into its possession.

Experiment with different amulets, talismans and watch what happens. You can find a large selection of esoteric jewelry HERE.

Believe that thanks to them you can gain more confidence, power and control over every aspect of your life. Thanks to specific symbols, you will open yourself to the powers of the universe, thanks to which you will attract what you want and repel what you do not desire in your life.
Use them successfully and create the life you dream about!

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