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Amulets and Talizmans For WOMEN.

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Among the precious stones, ladies especially favors lunar stone, aventurine and pink quartz. Feminine energy will be strengthened by the Berkano and Laukaz runes, it is also worth using the power of the Uruz, Gebo and Fehu runes as well as the protective runes of Algiz.

Runa Berkano

The most feminine of the runes is Berkano rune. Berkano is the rune of fertility, growth, parenthood. As a talisman it strengthens feminine fertility, beauty, patrons motherhood and family harmony. It is also a protective amulet. It helps protect pregnancy. It supports the processes of regeneration, rebirth, strengthens health and vitality. It promotes creativity and implementation of long-term plans and intentions. It guarantees slow but sure changes for the better, abundance and resources needed to achieve the goal. Helps women to feel the fullness of their femininity. The Berkano rune, as well as the female element, are associated with such minerals as: moonstone, jet, malachite, emerald and pearls.

Rune Laguz

The rune belonging to the women's runes is also Laguz. As a talisman it strengthens intuition, improves emotional life and supports all activities traditionally considered feminine. It is used in scripts supporting the conception of a child, pregnancy and childbirth, to improve relationships with children and to facilitate their upbringing. This rune allows you to make contact with the subconscious, heals wounds and traumas of the past, and also supports romantic love and gentle feelings. The Laguz rune is associated with minerals such as aquamarine, lazurite, malachite, calcite, fluorite and pearls. The combination of Berkano and Laukaz into bindrun strengthens the feminine element.

Runic scripts

Runic scripts combine the energy of several runes, the order in which they are written is not without significance. You can write a runic script on paper, burn it in wood, or use the already prepared scripts, as examples, which can be seen in the picture below. These are runic scripts made of wood with the possibility of fixing it anywhere: at home, in a company, at a desk, they are also comfortable to carry with them.

Amulet of all prosperity: The script consists of three runes: Uruz, Fehu and Gebo. It is a runic representation of sincere wishes: Health, Love, Abundance, Good luck - in short, All Fortune! :) Rune Uruz provides health, vitality and well-being. Rune Fehu attracts money, launches the opportunity to increase income, brings profits and material prosperity. Rune Gebo evokes love, interest in the opposite sex and guarantees happiness in partner relationships.

Amulet for women: The script consists of five runes: Laukaz, Ansuz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Algiz. It provides its owner with security and protection, adds attractiveness and femininity, makes attractive and gives life wisdom. Thanks to it, every lady can become happier and fulfilled in all areas of her life.

Amulet increasing the level of energy and vitality: This script creates six runes: Sowelo, Odal, Wunjo, Isa, Laukaz, Odal. Enriches and develops knowledge, adds strength and energy, leads to victory, adds self-confidence, helps find a place in the world, shows a way out of a difficult situation, helps to make life summaries, allows you to gain confidence in an ambiguous or undefined situation, strengthens the spirit and soul and body. It is used to increase the level of energy and vitality, maintain good health and joy of life.

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