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The production and use of talismans and amulets was initiated thousands of years ago. The ancient population strongly believed in their extraordinary, magical power. In this way they chased away the evil spirits, attracted good energy and protected them against all failures.
The memory of this type of objects has survived to the present day. Talismans and the strongest amulets, characteristic of specific ethnic groups, still have valuable protective and healing functions. They give strength to overcome adversity.


Celtic cross is one of the strongest and most famous celtic amulets. It allows the development of supernatural abilities. It is characterized by a proven protective action. It repels a harmful, destructive form of energy. It protects against the interference of bad powers. In difficult times, it uplifts and encourages. The shape of the talisman symbolizes the inseparable connection of the human being with the universe.


The Egyptian people with unusual respect approached their gods. Without hesitation, they entrusted their life to them, worshiped and sacrificed, continually believing in the immense power of the worshiped beings. The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian amulet that has many functions. First of all, it successfully protects against negative energy. It eliminates all curses and hostile influences. It has the power of deep cleansing, so it supports the fight against health problems, adds energy and strength to struggle with everyday duties.


The dream catcher is a widely known and valued Indian symbol. It is a strong amulet, distinguished by effective action. It consists of a mesh woven into a circle feathers and beads. The bound structure inhibits the flow of negative dreams. Only permits good ones, protecting against nightmares and harmful emotions. The Dreamcatcher enables establishing a spiritual connection between the real and astral world.


The use of amulets and talismans was of great importance to the Nordic people. They attached great importance to symbols associated with beliefs. One of the main Norse gods was Thor, who ruled over the storm and thunder. Thanks to his strength he won in all duels. The amulet dedicated to him is referred to as Thor's hammer. It is distinguished by a strong protective action, preventing personal and psychological harm. It gives strength to fight failures.


One of the most effective amulets derived from the Maya tradition is the spirit of the sun god. He is responsible for improving well-being and raising hope. Has a strong energy effect. It adds vigor and also promotes optimism. In ancient beliefs, the god of the sun gave people grace, enlivened nature and provided favorable living conditions.


The Slavic people treated the deities with a respect. They gave them great trust, sincerely believing in their extraordinary power. They often used the amulet in the form of a shield of the sun. Until now the task of this talisman is personal protection and home security. It also makes it easier to conquer any difficulties. It adds self-confidence to overcome obstacle.

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