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Fairy Tale About the QUEEN of CONSCIOUSNESS

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A wise story about the Queen who wanted to be wise:

(...) Queen  Consciousness could not cope with the management inherited from the ancestors of a rich and beautiful kingdom, called Life. So she decided to hire a counselor who enjoyed a great reputation and called the Subconscious. However, this did not solve the problem. Even though employed Subconsciousness was a cousin of the queen - she used a language incomprehensible to her. Also, she did not say anything at all, but only eloquently looked at the queen or eloquently did not look at the queen. Consciousness, therefore, sent the request that she was looking for a translator, who would explain to her what the Subconscious communicates with her language of silence. A lot of time had passed and the queen was losing hope, when finally, in front of her face, stood a sensual, unruly and a bit childish woman named Body, who without hesitation took on the role of  a translator.
Since then, the queen knew that if the body was nauseated when she was about to sign a treaty, it absolutely should not have been signed. That it was an expression of disapproval of the Subconscious, which had access to secret intelligence data and ancient archives. Similarly, when the  Consciousness Queen decided to invite a knight or courtier - as part of the reward for faithful service - to her bed, she listened intently to the necessary translator Body and when she informed her about the weight on the heart and tightened crotch, the queen sent back the delinquent.
And thanks to the well-arranged cooperation of the great trinity in the Kingdom of Life, harmony, prosperity and peace prevailed.

If a conflict arises between our consciousness and the subconscious, the subconscious sends a signal to the consciousness using the language of the body. Then in some place discomfort is felt.

In this way, the relationship between our inside and outside is described in a simple and pictorial way. Therefore, it is worth knowing that pain does not occur against us, but it is information which is worth to know how to read it.

Similarly, emerging emotions signal: stop, don't go, go, be careful …
And what are we doing in these difficult situations? Often neglect these signals or try to drown them out, suppress them ...
It's good to remember that a conscious queen wisely manages her kingdom, and not letting it be thoughtlessly controlled, introduces joy and harmony to it.

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